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Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital is more than just a building, but a team of caring, compassionate people working together to practice high quality veterinary primary and critical care medicine and surgery. Recruiting people that share the same attitude and values is what makes Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

Robert A. Murphie, Jr., D.V.M.

  • Owner and Hospital Director
  • Veterinary Education: Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine - 2004
  • Boulevard Veterinary Hospital 2004-2007
  • Tidewater Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center 2007-2008
  • Special Interests: Emergency and critical care veterinary medicine/surgery, physical rehabilitation,
    endocrinology, anesthesia.
  • Additional memberships: the Veterinary Wound Management Society and American Association
    of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Robert A. Murphie...a little about myself. I grew up in Newport News, but currently reside in Toano. My wife and I moved to this community about 7 years ago. I had recently graduated from the VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and my wife was beginning her studies in occupational therapy at VCU in Richmond. I was working with my dad at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Newport News, and James City County was a good half-way point for commuting. It didn't take long for us to realize what a great community this is, and how much this region has to offer. When searching for locations to build an animal hospital, we decided that there was no better place than right here.

We have two beautiful daughters, Danielle and Amanda Murphie - we couldn't be happier and prouder parents. We have two beagles, the elder Jack, and his partner in crime Ginny, who both can't get enough of York River State Park. We also have a cat named Nip, who was rescued after presumably being hit by a car. I am also fortunate because I have to look no further than to my dad in regards to how to practice quality veterinary medicine. He has been and continues to be an inspiration not only with the way he practices veterinary medicine, but in how he lives his life. The core of our family has always been my mom, Mary Ann, who has been there from the beginning, and keeps everyone smiling even when things don't go as planned. She has been, and will continue to be an integral part of our success. Kirsten and I enjoy going on hikes, getaways to the Outer Banks, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy running in local road races.

I worked with my dad at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital for about 2 years, and then worked at the Tidewater Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center in VA Beach. Outside of general veterinary primary care and preventive medicine, I have special interests in emergency and critical care medicine, physical rehabilitation, endocrinology, and anesthesia. I especially try to stay as up to date as possible in the ever changing critical care field through continuing education and membership in the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society.

At the other end of the spectrum, my dad and I have put together a veterinary heritage display case that includes numerous veterinary instruments, remedies, books, photographs, etc. Some of these veterinary artifacts date back over 100 years.

I chose a career in veterinary medicine so that I would have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of pets as well as their human counterparts. Every day presents new challenges that need to be dealt with appropriately to ensure the best care for the patient. Our patients depend on us to provide the best in animal care that is currently available.

R. Andrew Murphie, Sr., D.V.M.

  • Owner and Surgical Center Director
  • Veterinary Education: University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine - 1974
  • Owner of Boulevard Veterinary Hospital 1975 - 2005
  • Special Interests: Dr. Murphie has been pursuing orthopedic and soft tissue surgical training for over 30 years. He thanks the many veterinarians and clients who have entrusted him with these surgical cases over the years.
  • Additional memberships: Veterinary Orthopedic Society

Dr. Robert A. Murphie

...a little about myself. I grew up in Yorktown Va., and graduated in 1974 from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. My first 6-7 years out of school were spent doing both small and large animal work, but I eventually transitioned to strictly small animals, although I still have a hoof knife on standby ? I owned and operated Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Newport News from 1975 - July of 2005.

I have been happily married to my wife Mary Ann for over 40 years. We have two children together, Robb and Mary Beth. Mary Beth is currently a senior at Lynchburg College. As usual, we have a boxer at home that rules the house. His name is Kobi, who I adopted since he had a jaw fracture that needed surgery. My hobbies consist of fishing, running, playing tennis with my wife Mary Ann, and many other exercise-related activities.

As mentioned in the Surgical Center section, some of my special interests involve advanced orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. I have remained up to date with the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery, and will occasionally have veterinary teaching hospital surgeons involved as a part of the surgical team during a procedure. I thank the many veterinarians and clients who have entrusted me with these orthopedic cases over the years.

There are many different aspects about veterinary medicine that I enjoy. No two days are ever alike, and I enjoy the challenges that each day brings. Whether involved with an orthopedic case or a routine checkup, I enjoy helping animals maintain a high quality of life. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the veterinary medical profession over the past 30 years... and hopefully many more.

It is also special to be able to work alongside and mentor my one and only son.


Jennifer Tjepkema, D.V.M.

Jennifer Tjepkema, D.V.M.Recruiting another veterinarian to join our team is not something that we take lightly. We have been fortunate to find Dr. Tjepkema, who shares the same interests in practicing high quality veterinary medicine. Her pursuit of wanting to practice and expand her knowledge in fields such as critical care, anesthesia, and orthopedics has allowed her to fit in well at our hospital.

  • Employed at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital since July, 2008
  • Veterinary Education - Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Clinical year at the University Of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Animal Medical Care Center 2007-2008
  • Special Interests: Anesthesia, Dermatology, soft-tissue surgery, emergency and critical care veterinary medicine/surgery.
  • Additional memberships: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

... a little about myself. I am honored and very excited to be working with Dr. Murphie Junior and Senior at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital. It is a beautiful animal hospital in a wonderful and inviting community. Virginia is home to me but my parent's, being that they are retired Navy, made sure I lived and traveled in many different states and countries. I have three large and silly dogs. During veterinary school, I rescued two wild dogs from St. Kitts, Mr.X and Tyzzer. The third is Max, my SPCA lab/G. Dane rescue. They are always getting in trouble and keeping their mom on her toes. In the future I hope to add ferrets to the family! My spare time is spent outside, enjoying the parks, road biking, skiing and playing beach volleyball. For me, veterinary medicine was a calling, as a little girl I was rescuing every sick cat, dog and duck on the block. No other job gives you the opportunity to meet and help every member of the family. Here at Anderson's Corner we put smiles on the faces of the animals as well as the children, mother's, and father's that love them so dearly. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Renee Welch, D.V.M. Renee Welch

  • Employed at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital since August, 2010
  • Veterinary Education - University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Special Interests: Exotic and wildlife veterinary medicine, emergency and critical care veterinary medicine/surgery.
  • Additional memberships: The College of William & Mary's adjunct staff veterinarian

….I have a special interest in exotic, internal, feline, and wildlife medicine as well as nutrition and behavior. I obtained my veterinary degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987, a M.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University in 1978, and a B.S. in Biology from The College of William & Mary in 1975.

After spending time as a research scientist in the field of molecular genetics, I discovered that my true passion was in veterinary medicine. I now direct my energy into caring for any critter that needs help (whether it walks, crawls, hops, swims, or flies) and keep it well. Meanwhile, I maintain my ties to research by being William & Mary’s adjunct staff veterinarian.

Predictably, I have a house full of imperfect rescue animals, and a never ending stream of orphaned and/or injured wildlife. Currently the “motley crew’ consists of three geriatric dogs (Jack, Anne, and Felix), and eight cats (Spatz, Blotchi, Puha, Mikey, Lola, Peggy Sue, Beebee, and Spock), two parakeets (Sweet Pea and Corn Pone), and one rabbit (BunBun), each with a story to tell.

Helping to balance my life is my “saint-of-a-husband” Richard Parker and “pride and joy” daughter Zoe. Richard is a drama teacher at Hornsby Middle School (formerly at James Blair Middle School and Walsingham Academy) and President and Artistic Director of StageLights Childrens’ Theatre. Richard not only helps to keep me grounded, but helps care for the menagerie. Zoe, also a good sport for tolerating her many “brothers and sisters,” is a recent graduate of The College of William & Mary with degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Policy. Despite all the experience in “helping mom” she is resisting the temptation to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

In my spare time, such as it is, I enjoy running, reading, and enjoying nature.


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